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the more you see, the less you know..

in may 5, 2009, i started this project ( a photo a day. ) where i contributed with a post to share and reveal differences through photography. a daily photo emphasizing every pixel, grain, texture, color, to wake the deepest feelings and emotions within ourselves. as spectators of the world (and beyond) we all share different views and thoughts, which is why i choose to highlight these moments that i have captured and frozen in spirit.

as for the new name ” a ( two by one ) a day “, twobyones.com is a collection of 2:1 photos i post everyday. i have been using this format since i started taking photos back in 2006 and have adapted it to most of my work and personal projects. now, more than just a format, the perfect 2:1 ratio has become an instinct: a visual sense.

the one objective of this project is to inspire, and be inspired in return by your knowledge and perspective. significantly value your comments and feedback. feel free to browse around and interact.

a little about myself:
born in honolulu, hi; home for me is san josé, costa rica. i’m currently living in beijing, china and have previously lived in savannah, ga and san francisco, ca. i spend my most of the time daydreaming and philosophizing and analyzing the less practical and the most random thoughts. and on my free time, i also sit and stare into nothingness a lot too. between this i ride my bike and take photos.

i have taken all the photos in this site with my nikon d50 and d90. i use a nikkor vr-zoom 18-200mm, 16-85mm wide angle lens, 70-300mm zoom lens, a fixed 50mm f/1.4 and from time to time i use +1, +2, and +4 macro lens adapters.

other sites:
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creative commons -attribution-noncommercial no derivative works 3.0 united states license feel free to share, copy, distribute and transmit the work showcased within the site, however: you must attribute the work with complete credits and links you may not use this work for commercial purposes without permission you may not alter, transform, or build upon this work

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feel free to say hey! or you could always drop me an e-mail. cheers!

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